MOD1HD | HD DVB-T encoder modulator

MOD1HD | HD DVB-T encoder modulator

MOD1HD | HD DVB-T encoder modulator


Introducing the world's first single silicon low latency MPEG2 HD DVB-T encoder modulator.

Works with all Australian standard HDTVs, guaranteed.

Includes OGG LABS quick setup technology, drastically reducing deployment time and training complexity for MATV networks.

Fully programmable. Wall and rack mount bracket options available.



Convert HDMI to MPEG2 digital HDTV.

Distribute HD content over coax quickly and easily.

MOD1HD | HD DVB-T encoder modulator
  • Works on all Australian HDTVs

    Built for Australia, MOD1HD doesn't suffer common compatibility issues of other leading brands.
  • Low latency encode engine

    We've optimised our encode engine to perform at low latency. This means less delay between source and connected network.
  • Fully customisable

    All parameters including; output channel, LCN, service name, ONID, SID and TSID can be modified easily from the menu.
  • Deploy many channels quickly

    OGG LABS quick setup technology drastically reduces install time and training complexity when deploying multiple channels on MATV networks.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
  • Video

    Encode Format; MPEG-2 MP@ML
    Supported Input; 1080p/720p 60/50/30/25
    Supported Output; 720p
  • Audio

    Encoding Format; MPEG-1/AAC
  • System

    LCN; 1-999
    Service name; 15 Chars.
    NIT; Programmable
    Encoder; OGG-X MPEG2 engine
    Operating temp; 0-45 C
    Freq. Range 174-860 MHz
    Output level; 75-105 dBuV
    Output quality; >36 dB MER
  • In/Out

    Input; HDMI
    Output; F-Connector