OGG LABS CEO: David Lacey

CEO: David Lacey (Credit: WMY Photography Studio)

"I founded OGG LABS with the single vision of creating perfect solutions for common problems in the television reception industry. I've spent the last three years creating a world leading team of engineers committed to delivering solutions for digital content, specialising in products for digital modulation and in the headend."

TV antenna amplifier schematics on whiteboard

Based out of Taipei Taiwan and Melbourne Australia we spend large amounts of time in development, QC and validation to ensure our products work and are built to last. We want to deliver simple, reliable and high performance products.

CNC qualification

Assisted by 3D computer simulation we verify our design performance. Our products perform out of the box, with low complexity.

PCB trace layout

OGG LABS is a one hundred percent owned and operated Australian business; and at it's heart is one of the longest running Australian family owned radio technology businesses.

TV antenna warehouse boxes

Contact us for any information about our business, products, or if you just want to let us know how we did, let us know us right here!

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